Genre : ???
Length : 2 weeks
Status : Prototype
Team : Solo
Engine : Unity
Plateform : PC

What I've done :

  • Concept & Presentation of the project
  • Programming of the whole prototype
  • Design Document & Layouts
  • Camera & Robots controller
  • Simple Human AI Behaviour tree

Spy the dreary everyday life of a man in his living room through his own CCTV cameras. Access his electronic devices, pickup his stuff and explore his appartment.

This prototype was realised for a Game-Design course in CNAM-ENJMIN where we had to begin alone the conception of a game of our choice. My project evoled because of the time and technical constraints.

My work

I made the whole design and developpment of this prototype myself. Initialy, Deadly Lens was a concept mixing Hitman and Experience 112. You played a new type of assassin capable of killing his target without even having to approach physically his prey thanks to his hacking skills.

Link to the PDF!

Back then it was supposed to be a puzzle-strategy game where exploring the level through cameras enabled to discover the many ways to silently murder. However, prototyping such thng in only two weeks with other courses at the same time was impossible.

The feedback I got put emphasis on a fun potential about stalking and simple exploration I didn't see. That's when my proejct started to evolve towards something new for me but also easier to develop.
It both enabled me to experience a complete vision turnaround and a new game genre.

Link to the PDF!