Genre : Action-RPG
Length : 6 months
Status : Pre-production
Team : Confidential
Engine : Unreal Engine
Plateform : Confidential

Roles :


What I've done :

  • Owner of the design and following of the evolution tree system
  • Established first UX Wire-frames on each system designed
  • Worked on character build strategies
  • Reviewed and updated gyms in editor to follow design documents

The project

I worked on Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden at Dontnod entertainment during my 6 months internship. I'm not authorized reveal much so I'll concentrate on the core of the work I've done.

Game Design

During my internship, I learned and practiced the workflow of a bigger team as Dontnod's. Since I was working remotely, I communicated a lot through Slack and teams throughout the project and worked with other Game designers, UI artists, UX designers, Gameplay programmers and of course Producers.

I designed multiple systems with the evolution task which I then presented to the core team and got validated, I made UX wireframes which started the process with the UI and UX team with which I then followed throughout the integration of my system.

I worked with GPP to establish FSOs of the systems I designed. I interacted with the engine (Unreal) when I reviewed and designed gyms that represented systems I was owner of.