Genre : "Escape-Game"

Role : Narrative-Designer

Project's duration : 2 and a half months

One of your closest relatives disappeared. In order to find them, you enter in a strange curiosity cabinet. You’ll be then invited to draw 3 tarot cards and solve their puzzles to find information about the disappearance of this cherished person.

Augure is an escape game for one or two players by 9 students. It uses several technologies such as: Arduino leds, a digital screen, connected lights, sound AI, a 5.1 sound device...

My Work

I was voluntary on this project and thus was not working 100% on it. We agreed that I was only going to write narrator's lines but wouldn't give my opinion about any Game-Design choice.

Line's system

I worked on Twine to write every narrator's line regarding any situation following the flowhchart I did get. Then I created a well-furnished tree for the team to choose the best lines and cut the ones not corresponding.

You can have the experience's simulation here :

Or download the twine's file right here :