Genre : Strategy

Role : Programming / (Game-Design)

Project's duration : 2 days

you're responsible of your tribe's fireplace. It's your job to ensure the longevity of the flames and distribuate warmth to prevent your fellow tribe members from freezing to death.

This game was made for the 2019 Global Game Jam with a team of 8 people.

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My work

I did programming on this project and almost did not do any Game-Design. I only helped to quickly solve the essential Design questions : 3C, winning and losing conditions. I also was often asking questions to the team to ensure that everyone had the same vision.


I developped the NPC : warmth progression, their corresponding state and animation, decision system beteween each task (chopping wood, gathering wood, bringing it to the fireplace.
I also helped to include some sprites, animations and sound effects.
And finealy I added the most important feature of the game : petting the dog

Once the jam was over, I worked to finish the non-working features and add ones we planned but didn't have time to implement. Therefore in a week I added :

  • Blizzard storm system
  • Integrated corresponding animations
  • Fixed ALOT of bugs
  • Added a 2D pathfinding system for the player's and NPC's movement
  • Updated the game-loop to enable multiple levels and the end-game screen
  • Updated the fire gathering and distribution system
    • Deleted the old simple trigger-enter system
    • Added a new click target system