Genre : Immerssive-Sim FPS
Length : 3 weeks
Status : Finished Map
Team : Solo
Engine : Doom Builder
Plateform : PC

What I've done :

  • Designed layout, references research & level composition
  • Designed & implemented gameplay features
  • Level Art, Lighting & Composition

The project

In an underground city, play as a average guy whose fate is about to be changed. When you meet caricatural military colonel, you Dans une ville souteraine, incarnez un personnage lambda dont le destin va être changé. Alors que vous rencontrez un caricatural colonel militaire, celui-ci vous confonds avec un commando d'elite et vous voila maintenant obligé de sauver le metro d'une invasion de créatures démoniaques.

Explore avery building, room, extort food out of dispensers, destroy boxes to get loot, crawl in ventilations, deal with characters and convince your enemy to save the city. Yes, it's still a Doom 2 map.

My Work

Initialy, I wanted to build a vertical Level-Design. The player was at the core of a city in front of a huge tower he had to infiltrate and climb, discovering weird experiences and creatures. Handling verticality in Doom Builder being one of the weakness of the engine, especially since I wanted to make quite a big level, I chose to design a much more classic horizontal level.

Skybox rendering weren't satisfying to me, that's why I chose to locate my map in an underground city also as a reference to Arx Fatalis, one of my favorite game ever for the immersive sim I was aiming. This choice eased the process of marking off accessable zones and working light ambiance through the rocky textures, decoration, and water pools.

Level Design

I kept the idea of starting in an urban zone and chose a calm terrain where the player could explore, find secrets and obtain information on the map context. Showing the player his objective and preventing him to easily reach it was a good way to force him to look for alternative paths and so establishing the map experience : exploring the environment looking for stuff and solutions.
I used another Immerssive-Sim reference with the Battery Park level of Deus Ex where the protagonist has to infiltrate a metro to save civilians held hostages. Ventilations were another strong element I had to implement to replicate the feel.

Multiple paths to reach the objective was the next step. Many secrets zones requiring security cards, other vents and as a reward for the exploring players : loot supports.
Firstly, they're layed on the floor, then held in trash cans, dispensers, or on sacrificial altars. Bins almost always contains objects, for the dispensers, a simple punch enables the player to get food and so health.