Genre : Domination Team PVP Arena
Length : 1 week
Status : Finished Map
Team : Solo
Engine : Minecraft
Plateform : PC

What I've done :

  • Designed layout, references research & level composition
  • Designed & implemented map rules
  • Testing & balancing

The project

On my own Minecraft community Server, I made several PVP arenas where I experimented Level Design with one of the most versatile sandbox engine ever made. The map is on a domination team based game-mode with 3 points, Valorant-like TP and a special zone including a boss.

Level Design

I made the map with two main ideas in mind : having a time limited Teleporter for each team, 2 domination points and a main one on the map's center where most of the fight would happen and finaly a boss underground which would reward the team killing it.


Each team has its own teleporter which enables only one player to teleport on the main point instantly but remains disabled for 45 seconds then. It gives dynamic in fights, enabling to shorten delay while a teammate dies but forces to choose when to use it wisely. The delay also encourages to go on boss fights once in a while when fighting the point isn't an option.


The boss spawns underground the mansion 1 min after it gets slain. When it's destroyed, a wave of monsters spawns on the main point and a bonus is given to the team who got the kill.