Genre : Tabletop-RPG System
Length : 1 month
Status : Finished system
Team : Solo

What I've done :

  • Researched the fundamentals of any tabletop-rpg adventure
  • Designed systems to isolate fundamentals for every game
  • Designed dice system to be playful, easy to use and clear on difficulty tests
  • Tested and balanced card system
  • Wrote rules & designed cards ergonomics

I always wanted a system to play with when I didn't have time to prepare a game, characters, plots and maps. I came up with One-night-story.

The project

One-night-story is a tabletop-rpg system based on collective creation with a group, silly improvisation and controlled chaos. It's played with singular fill-able cards which put together creates characters, locations, quests and plots.

Game Design

Link to the PDF!