Genre : Roguelike card game
Length : 1 month
Status : Finished card game + video game prototype
Team : solo
Engine : Unity
Plateform : Board game / android

What I've done :

  • Co-Established the project's vision
  • Defined & balanced Level & character controller metrics
  • Defined & implemented camera Gamefeel effects
  • Co-Designed & documented movement mechanics
  • Designed Game Systems (Progression, inventory, Energy)

Game Design

Designed with a deck of 52 cards, the tower is meant to be working around the fun of exploring a dungeon, drawing attacks, items and using the right strategies to beat the game.

The action point system allows player much intentionality and reduces randomness, the color systems brings another layer to the combat with healing potion both able to restore HP and deal damage.

Since it was a fun quick game you could play and replay, I developed a quick video game prototype playable on PC or Mobile.