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Genre : Adventure Platform Survival
Length : 4 months
Status : Vertical Slice
Team : 9
Engine : Unity
Plateform : PC

Roles :


What I've done :

  • Co-Established the project's vision
  • Defined & balanced Level & character controller metrics
  • Defined & implemented camera Gamefeel effects
  • Co-Designed & documented movement mechanics
  • Designed Game Systems (Progression, inventory, Energy)

The project

On a planet with no sun, where light cannot be crafted, darkness turns moving livings into stone. An internal lightsource enabled some to survive and take some of their lands back. As a pathfinder, you're sent exploring the darklands, but what you'll find might impact your whole civilization

Game Design

Movement - Exploration - Tension

Unlit is an adventure / survival game in which you play a character with a set of abilities to move around the environment. However each of your movements consume your vital energy, your body slowly transforming into a statue until the point of no return. In order to survive, you will have to find energy points on which you can recharge your vital energy, reversing the statufication process. The challenge will be to progress in the adventure by optimizing your movements to avoid dying statufied.