Genre : Adventure Platform Survival
Length : 4 months
Status : Vertical Slice
Team : 9
Engine : Unity
Plateform : PC

Roles :


What I've done :

  • Designed & tested level design action blocks
  • Defined & balanced Level & character controller metrics
  • Storyboarded the vertical slice level plan
  • Designed level layout & implemented in Unity using Pro Builder / Pro Grid
  • Created game's lore & World-Building

On a planet with no sun, where light cannot be crafted, darkness turns moving livings into stone. An internal lightsource enabled some to survive and take some of their lands back. As a pathfinder, you're sent exploring the darklands, but what you'll find might impact your whole civilization

Level Design

UNLIT's Level Design philosophy was to vary paces & experiences : linear phases focused on contemplation, linear demanding platforming and open phases focused on survival.

I realised the whole Level Design UNLIT's vertucal slice. I chose to set the environnement underground in order to limit our graphic artist workload and I storyboarded a plan where I could implement the 3 types of paces I wanted the player to experience. I worked on balancing Horizontal & Vertical puzzles to take full advantage of our varied moveset.